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We Recognize the severity of our problem, and acknowledge
that only God can Refine us. Grateful, we Rejoice in our trials.
It is in our weakness that we are dependent on our Lord and
His strength. Through fellowship, we Relate to provide an
accountability that enables us to stay on track and prepare us
for His purpose. Led by the Holy Spirit, we examine our beliefs.
When falsehoods are exposed, we Reject and Remove them. We
pray for perseverance, permitting God to Replace our ways with His.
Renewed as a result of these cycles, we continue daily to be transformed

-White As Snow.

​​What are the 7 Cycles of Recovery?

  1. Recognize - We Have a Problem God Can Fix

  2. Rejoice - Thank Him for the Trials

  3. Relate - Fellowship and Accountability

  4. Reject - Acknowledge False Doctrine

  5. Remove - Ask God to Adjust our Thinking

  6. Replace - Pray for Truth and Wisdom

  7. Renew - Be Transformed by God

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