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Our Mission is to build a personalized platform that delivers a permanent end to yo-yo dieting.  Our passion will be to broaden that 5% range of keeping weight off; recognizing that with God, all things are possible!  We will remain committed to truth while providing a safe place for discussion and growth.

Keeping weight off is the most challenging part of the journey! The 7 Cycles are engineered for ongoing recovery. We need to navigate the hardships of life by learning how to address anxiety, disappointment, resentment, and sin, without using food as our self-soother, and instead rely on God as the ultimate healer! Nationally, 95% of the people that lose weight - find it again. With this program, participants are not only losing their weight, but they are experiencing freedom from the actual bondage of disordered eating! Learning to work the 7 Cycles, we can experience long-term recovery!

  • Cost: Individual Coaching - 7 sessions for $99.00. Most of my clients lose 20-25 pounds during that time. I have many different plans to utilize and my approach is customized to your needs. I believe the "eating plan" is really the smallest part of true success. After all, at any given moment, you could have many "diets" in your hand. Most of us "know" how to lose weight.  Together, we work the workbook I wrote, Refining The Temple.​

  • Group Settings: The 7 Cycle Recovery Program is also available within a Church, Inpatient program or as a Bible study. Along with the Workbook, we also offer a Video Series and our Leaders Guide.

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