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7 Cycles ~ 7 Tools​

Are you tired of failing? Do you want to stop planning “Start-over Mondays”? Have you ever cried out to God in desperation? Are you frustrated because you know the truth but can't seem to walk it? 

Your permanent solution isn’t another DIET!

God knows the answer! 


The 7 Cycles are distinctly different than abstinent-based programs. Abstinent-based programs are designed to completely eliminate substances, like heroin or alcohol. We have to eat food to survive; therefore, we need a specific program enabling us to learn how to mange our addiction. While working these cycles, we examine and expose our misuse of food, learn how to set boundaries, and rely on God along the "Weigh".


This is truly a NEW message of Hope and Refinement! 

 Workbook and DVD with optional private Christian Coaching.


When the world says "Give up,"

Hope whispers, "Try it one more time," and "Walk this Weigh."

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